Things you can do if you are Single

Hey !! If you are reading this article i assume that you are single and lets be honest its nothing to be ashamed of, I myself feel that its a good choice to be single, though i am not against commitment. I find many people who are depressed or sad just because they dont have a boyfriend/girlfriend, i mean common guys you are not that weak that you cant live your life all alone or entertain yourself, yea i know having a partner is fun and its supportive but that doesnt mean you would hate your life if you dont have one.

So, now lets see what singles can do :


1) Cheat Day:

While the committed people are celebrating Valentines day, let us singles celebrate ” Cheat Day “. Take a day off from gym, goo out there have anything you love eating and have as much you want. Eat every dish you like, drink your favourite cold drinks, coctails, moctails etc and do have a good desert 🙂 

2) Get yourself a “Partner” :

Now here by “Partner” i mean goo get yourself a pet, YES . . you can have a Dog or a Cat it completely depends on you, if you are a dog person then get your favourite breed of dog, if you are a cat person get a cat. This pets will love you more than any hooman partner would ever love you.. 


3) Self Love :

Sometimes be your own partner and love yourself. Spend some time alone, do everything for yourself, be a bit selfish. Be at home, play a good music and a pizza or beer would be good to goo 🙂


4) Advantages of being SINGLE :

Actually being single gives you many advantages, you can be yourself, you can focus on your goals and future, you are not dependant on anyone, you are free , free to do anything you love 😀

5) Hangout with your friends :

Go out, hangout with your friends, you will be having a good time and creating some unforgetable moments which you can remember while you are old and smile like a idiot. Spending time with your friends is always fun, you can do whatever you want, you can try all the new restaurants, hotels, cafes etc 


So ? its cool being single right ? Just make the most of what you have instead of crying for what you dont have and enjoy your SINGLEHOOD and live the life as it comes 🙂

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