Interviewing twelebs: Shakti Shetty

Hellooo there, here I am with yet another interview. He may be your favourite tweleb and why not? His high quality content has impressed us many times over. So, let’s get to know “Shakti Shetty” better.

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Interviewing twelebs: Madan Chikna

Howdy !! today lets get to know a Chikna of Twitter, i.e. Madan_Chikna 🙂

Here’s what he says:

Hi this Himanshu Parmar aka Madan Chikna on Twitter. I am always in search of Food, Retweets and Seat in Mumbai Local. I am very famous in my area because my mom always gives me a shoutout.

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Interviewing tweleb: Sagarcasm

Hey tweeps, bringing out to you a closer side of one of your favourite tweleb on Twitter i.e. Sagarcasm 🙂 I bet you are a fan of his quality content. He posts a tweet on Twitter and you can see the tweet on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and even on Television News channels thats the power of […]