Dhinchakk Tweets on Dhinchakk Pooja

Recently there was a news of #Ransomeware virus which attacked a lot of computers and many companies were the prey and soon another such virus which may cause you cancer in your brain was launched by Dhinchakk Pooja 😛  I am sure you must have listened to her new song, ” Selfie maine le liya ” and I am glad that you are reading this post even after listening to the song as it means that you are alive, Yeay 😀

Let’s see how Twitter reacted:

1) Genuine question, LOL !!

2) Legend ho aap  xD

3) Abb toh Kumbhakaran ne bhi haar maan li . .

4) Why you do this Dhinchakk Pooja ?

5) The best way to wake up early everyday.

6) Sir pe mere reh ta Taj 😛

7) Selfie le le re ft. Selfie maine le liya  XD


9) Poor newborn 🙁

10) Best Answer, LOL !!

Hilarious right?