Interviewing twelebs: Madan Chikna

Howdy !! today lets get to know a Chikna of Twitter, i.e. Madan_Chikna 🙂

Here’s what he says:

Hi this Himanshu Parmar aka Madan Chikna on Twitter. I am always in search of Food, Retweets and Seat in Mumbai Local. I am very famous in my area because my mom always gives me a shoutout.

1) Tell us the story behind your handle. What made you name your Twitter profile “Madan_Chikna” ? 
– 3 years back when I had just 1k followers, there was a twitter group, in which there were few tweeps like @friendlii_Ghost, @zoomphatak, @BanGayaKutta and few more. It was a kind of roast group in which I used to get roasted everyday for fun. Tweetup was fixed and gave me a dare to change my twitter handle to @Madan_Chikna for 1 day. I denied at first but you know commitment thing 😛 I accepted that and changed it. Boom!! I started getting followers after that. Group name was Madan & 5 Others 😀
2) Do your parents know about popularity of your Twitter account? If yes, what are their views on your content?
– Since 3 years they are aware of it since I used to share the tweets featured in newspapers and websites. Yes they give me advice to reduce political tweets. They don’t have any problem with my Twitter usage as I earn my pocket money from it. 😛
3) What do you do for a living ?
– If you see my daily schedule, half the time I am travelling in train.. No no, I am not in railways. I stay at Dombivli and my job is located at Lower Parel, Mumbai. I am working at
4) Has your popularity on Twitter helped you in your professional life? If yes, how?
– No, not much as both the fields are different.
5) What are your hobbies apart from tweeting ?
– Apart from tweeting, I spend my time thinking what to tweet. haha. I do paint some random stuff on canvas and do some art work depends on trending topic. (got viral too)
6) Your Facebook page is growing very fast. What do you think is the difference between your Facebook fan base & Twitter fan base? Is there any kind of content that works on Twitter but doesn’t work on Facebook & vice versa?
– There are 90% chance that the post which gets viral on Twitter will fail on Facebook. (in my case) I generally share GIFs on facebook with funny captions. My calculation for Twitter and Facebook is – 1 Twitter Follower = 10 Facebook Page Like.  1 Retweet on Twitter = 10 likes on Facebook page.
7) Can you tell us about the shirtless Dadar station scene in brief and how it felt like ?
– I have posted similar tweets like I will run topless if India wins and all that previously but on that day it was something else. I tweeted that and boom!!  people started challenging me, notifications were flooded and India won. Dadar was trending that day in India. Hahahahaha. I daily visit Dadar as I work at Lower Parel. I did my thing and told my colleague clicked a pic and worn my shirt again. Tweeted that pic. And Boom!! From Buzzfeed to 9gag and DNA to Star News..  I was all over the Internet. It took me 2 hours to scroll my notifications.
8) You definitely had not thought about being a tweleb when you were a kid. What did you really want to become as a kid? How successful have you been in achieving your childhood dream?
– I wanted to become a good human being. (When you don’t have any dream say this) Well I am quite successful achieving that. 😀
9) Which is your favorite Twitter account? What do you think about his content which sets him apart from all others?
– @Sagarcasm – Yeh sharma ji ka ladka toh nahi hai lekin har trending topic pe iske tweet aagey hote hai.
10) Name 5 Indian accounts that everyone should follow apart from “Madan_Chikna.”
– The people I like are highly followed so I would like to mention those who are kinda underfollowed like @zoomphatak, @friendlii_ghost , @Ghunegaar @ChikenBiryanii , @DefucktiveHumor , @tweeterrant there are many more 🙂 They tweet good.
Always Hungry for more Retweets and Followers.


Here are some of his best tweets:

1) Sach Baat wa


2) Indian politics


3) Amway


4) Ladki Hu Bhaiyya


5) Chikne Ki Baat Maan Jao 😛


6) Snapchat ka Copy matt karo


7) Garibo Ka Anthilla





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