Hey tweeps, bringing out to you a closer side of one of your favourite tweleb on Twitter i.e. Sagarcasm 🙂 I bet you are a fan of his quality content. He posts a tweet on Twitter and you can see the tweet on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and even on Television News channels thats the power of his handle.

” My name is Sagar. I am 27. A post graduate in Marketing Communications. A businessman by profession. “

1) Do your parents know about the popularity of your Twitter account ? If yes, what are their views on your content ?

 My parents recently came to know that their son, who usually keeps quiet around people, is very loud on the internet. A cousin of mine informed them about my twitter account after he saw one of my tweets on Aaj Tak. I am not sure if they like my tweets or not, but they are pleased to know that my tweets are often featured in the media.

2) If Twitter was never launched, on which social media platform you would be wasting your time today? Why?

No idea. It is hard for me to imagine a world without twitter.

3) What do you do for living?

I look after a manufacturing business owned by my family. As a freelancer, I write articles for Faking News and sometimes I write jokes for stand-up comedians.

4) Has your popularity on Twitter helped you in your professional life? If yes, how?

Most of my freelancing work comes due to Twitter. Some of the comedians liked my tweets and asked me to write jokes for their stand-up routines.

5) What are your hobbies apart from tweeting ?

Smartphones nearly killed all the old school hobbies. The only hobby I have is surfing the internet.

6) Many twelebs have their Facebook page. Why don’t you try your hands on Facebook page? Aren’t you planning to expand your social circle? Or is it just that you don’t have much time in your hands to be active everywhere?

I don’t have a good reason to create a Facebook Page. Most people who create a Facebook page intend to monetize it once it gets popular. I don’t have any such plans.

7) As you write for comedians, have you ever thought of being a standup comedian yourself ?

I can’t leave my family business to pursue comedy. (What if my parents get upset, disown me and I don’t inherit their property 😛 But, I look forward to extending my freelance work in comedy.)

8) You definitely had not thought about being a tweleb when you were a kid. What did you really want to become as a kid? How successful have you been in achieving your childhood dream?

As a kid I wanted to be a cricket commentator. Now, I do live commentary of most cricket matches on Twitter. In a way I have achieved my childhood dream but nobody pays me for that 🙁 .

9) Which is your favorite Twitter account? What do you think about his/her content which sets him/her apart from others?

For me, Ramesh Srivats is the ultimate bawse of Indian Twitter. He makes consistently good jokes without using foul language. He doesn’t even get involved any type of argument. Like Buddhist monks, he has achived complete peace of mind after shaving his head.

10) Name 5 Indian accounts that everyone should follow apart from sagargasm.

I can’t suggest 5 accounts that everyone should follow because everyone has a different taste. You can check-out my following list to get an idea of my taste.

➤ Here are some of his best TWEETS and his Favourite one’s too :











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