Interviewing tweleb: HaramiParindey

Harami Parindey‘ doing wonders on a social media site whose logo itself has a Parinda (bird) in it, coincidence? We don’t think so! Mohit is consistent in his hilarious tweets and thats the mantra of his success. Lets get to know him better.

” Hi, I’m Mohit, 24, typical Royal Enfield lover Punjabi, a Post Graduate who thinks degrees are unnecessary. Give me any topic, and I’ll make a joke on it. “


1) Tell us the story behind your handle. What made you name your Twitter profile “HaramiParindey” ?


– Not a long story behind this. I haven’t put much thought behind my username unlike some other people. When I had around 300 followers, my handle was @ bigdashehzada and it screamed “Delhi guy” and I was thinking of a new handle.  One day, I was watching Rockstar and the song Nadaan Parindey played and I thought to myself, “Nadaan koi nahi hota, aajkal sab Harami hote hain” and changed my handle. Luckily, I got some reach soon, and now I can’t change the handle. It is my identity online


2) Do your parents know about popularity of your Twitter account? If yes, what are their views on your content?


– My parents just know that I use Twitter a lot. Mother doesn’t understand Twitter much, I have failed miserably trying to explain every time she asked me what do I do there.  My father doesn’t care. Lately, brands have started sending goodies to my place, so mom knows I do something online. Dad still doesn’t care (He has asked me to change the handle @ Haramiparindey though). They are simple people, never showed interest in my content. And my parents are not on FB either, so no scope of them reading my content.


3) What do you do for a living?

– I’m a regular IT guy. If you want to go into specifics, I’m an Information security analyst. Just finished my Post Graduation, and fresh into the corporate world.


4) Has your popularity on Twitter helped you in your professional life? If yes, how?

– I don’t think so it has ever helped me in my professional life. I remember mentioning Twitter in a job interview once and getting rejected. May be if one day I get bored of IT, I could move to some creative job. Twitter might help then.

5) What are your hobbies apart from tweeting ?


– I love hitting the gym, and taking up different sports. Lately, I’ve been playing badminton a lot. Love riding my bike (A Royal Enfield – Bullet enthusiast). I write in my free time (not just jokes).



6) Your Facebook page is growing very fast. What do you think is the difference between your Facebook fan base & Twitter fan base? Is there any kind of content that works on Twitter but doesn’t work on Facebook & vice versa ?

– Facebook and Twitter are entirely different markets. 2 years ago, you could post dark jokes and no one would care, but now things have changed. Sanskaari people are flowing in from FB because they know that’s where all the jokes they read on those sarcasm pages (which have absolutely no content of their own and thrive on other people’s jokes) come from.

On Twitter, if you tweet on trending topics, you’d get a good reach, whereas on Facebook, one needs to post stuff which people relate to. Some jokes which don’t do good on Twitter get many likes on FB. Also, FB has this algorithm where even if you like a page, not necessary that you see the posts on your TL. On Twitter, you have a sure shot audience obviously if they haven’t muted you.

7) Your content has been shared by many celebrities, comedians & video jockeys on Twitter & many of them even follow you for your content. Did you ever get any professional offers from any of those celebrities?

–  Yes, a radio channel, few YouTube channels, and some stand up comedians have contacted me, a few media houses wanted me to be a part of their creative team. But since I have just started my IT job, I want to explore it before moving. (The pay wasn’t very attractive either)

8) You definitely had not thought about being a tweleb when you were a kid. What did you really want to become as a kid? How successful have you been in achieving your childhood dream?

– I wanted to study literature, and get into a creative job, but god had other plans. Through Twitter, I try to bring out my creative side, who knows one day I might end up in a creative job too. Life is long.


9) Which is your favorite Twitter account? What do you think about his content which sets him apart from all others?


– I like @Shakti_Shetty a lot. he never replies to any tweet so never gets into an argument. Also, he tweets about different things and doesn’t stick to a single genre, which is great.


10) Name 5 Indian accounts that everyone should follow apart from HaramiParindey.

Thanks for mentioning my name. There are a lot of great accounts but I’ll just give you 6 names off the top of my head.

1. @KyaUkhaadLega and @Atheist_Krishna – if you are a fan of trolling

2. @Sagarcasm – his tweets are good
3. @Alllahdin – Major respect for him, #HappyBirthdayBharat was his brainchild.
4. @AksharPathak – the guy is great with graphics and posts lame jokes (which is my speciality too)

5. @mainbhiengineer –  a no nonsense guy who has an impeccable wit.


Here are some of his best tweets:













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