Homemade food diet to gain weight

5 natural food items you need to add in your diet to gain weight:


Most of the people think that reducing body weight is the most difficult thing to do but only skinny people know that gaining weight is the same as reducing weight. Yea, gaining weight is not that easy thing, people think that they will eat anything continuously and they can gain weight, but noo thats not the right solution. The main problem of people who strugle gaining weight is that their metabolism is much faster so they need to consume food with more calories and proteins, carbs are too necessary. If you want to gain weight make sure you gain it in healthy manner and not by over-eating stuff, you should eat food items with healthy source of calories and you need to have a proper diet timetable.


Here is the list of simple natural food items that will help you gain your weight :


1)  Eggs :

Eggs are a rich source of proteins. If you want to gain weight, eggs are must in your diet. Eggs contain high amount of proteins and calories in it. 4-6 eggs daily can work wonders for you. A breakfast like eggs and bread, eggs and chappati or just eggs are good to go, the rich amount of proteins in it helps you to be active the whole day. Now, if you are going to eat eggs daily then make sure that you only consume the egg whites as the yolk contains too much of heat and fat too, so it is recommended that only egg whites should be eaten.



2) Fruits :

Fruits are the best source of carbohydrates, healthy sugars, vitamins and minerals. Eating good amount of fruits everyday helps you gain weight faster. Fruits like Apples, Bananas, Grapes and Mangoes can be consumed to gain weight. Bananas are most preffered fruit while gaining weight as it gives much more in cheaper rate. You can make a mix salad of fruits for yourself daily.



3) Nuts

Nuts are the most nutritious and protein rich food. They have a lot of calories and help to boost the growth of your muscle. Nuts include almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashewnuts etc. If you consume this nuts on a daily basis you will get the best results. You can have it early morning while breakfast.



4) Liquids

Liquids like Milk, fruit juices. milkshakes etc helps in gaining weight. You can also add Glucon-D in your diet it contains a good amount of carbs. You should drink a glass of milk daily for gaining weight and before going to workout a cup of black coffee will work wonders for you as it increases the concentration power while workout.



5) Dairy Products

Dairy products like yoghurt, cheese, milk etc are rich in calcium and protiens. They are best choice for your diet as they also contain calories. Atleast there should be one dairy product in your daily diet to gain weight.



So, these are the food items that you need to add into your diet if you want to gain weight. All these food items are easily available and mostly are used daily at your home, you just need to start eating them daily. If you follow this diet regularly for atleast two to three months, you will surely see a huge difference in yourself, so prepare yourself and by prepare i mean mentally, decide this with your mind that you have to follow this diet daily and just wait for the results 🙂

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