Homemade food diet to gain weight

5 natural food items you need to add in your diet to gain weight:

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Things you can do if you are Single

Hey !! If you are reading this article i assume that you are single and lets be honest its nothing to be ashamed of, I myself feel that its a good choice to be single, though i am not against commitment. I find many people who are depressed or sad just because they dont have a boyfriend/girlfriend, i mean common guys you are not that weak that you cant live your life all alone or entertain yourself, yea i know having a partner is fun and its supportive but that doesnt mean you would hate your life if you dont have one. Read more

Boomerangs by Bollywood Stars

I bet you have tried boomerang atleast once in your life and some of you may use it daily, its fun right ? As much we enjoy Boomerang so does our Bollywood stars, yeah !! you heard it right, even they have some awesome Boomerangs of them. In this blog below there is a compilation of Boomerangs of your favourite Bollywood stars 🙂

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Badrinath ki Dulhania Title Track

The title track of the upcoming film, ” Badrinath ki Dulhania ” was launched on this monday. The song is completely loaded with desi swag, cuteness of Alia Bhat and hotness of Varun Dhawan. Watch the Badrinath ki Dulhania Title Track for yourself and get your body to dance on it own.

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15 Tweets that are too relatable in our life.

Some of the best tweet collection that you can’t miss out 🙂